ATV Fun Facts


The adventure tour begins when we pick you up from your respective hotel and take you to the ATV Quad Adventure office located in Hotel Mandarina, Manuel Antonio.  When we arrive we will finalize the payment details and everyone will be asked to read and sign a waiver concerning the tour.  Shortly after, the same transport will drive you 25 minutes outside of Quepos, to a rancho in San Antonio de Damas, a world away from the hustle and bustle of Quepos’ shops and restaurants.  The clean and gassed up Honda ATVs will be waiting for you.  Before leaving the rancho, your bilingual guide will give you a short speech on how to safely operate the Honda ATVs and then everyone will be asked to participate in a short training session.

Now is when the real fun begins!  Our approximate three hour tour begins when we leave on our Honda ATVs from San Antonio de Damas to see waterfalls and natural springs located in the unique rain forest ecosystem.  During the tour we pass by four different types of plantations: teak, rice, papaya and African palm (one of the chief exports in Costa Rica).  Your guide will point out interesting facts concerning the environment. We also pass through several traditional Costa Rican towns.  This gives you the chance to see a different more rustic side of Costa Rica.

The tour winds through a maze of muddy country roads that leads to an entrance into the unique rain forest ecosystem.   Here we will disembark from our four wheelers and begin a short hike into the primary and secondary rainforest in search of wild jungle creatures.  During our hike we will pass over hanging bridges with spectacular views of the river.

At the end of our trail, we will take a much needed refreshing dip in the natural waterfall pools.  With a little bit of luck and “Pura Vida,” we may see: Titi Monkeys (which originally come from the Manuel Antonio area), Toucans, Sloths, various types of tropical birds, and gigantic Morpheus Butterflies, among many other types of flora and fauna.

After our refreshing dip and relaxing hike, it’s back to the ATVs to get dirty all over again.

At the end of our tour, when you have worked up quite an appetite, our transport will take you to the Rancho where we will enjoy some of Costa Rica’s most delicious tico food. Here you will have time to relax and take in the atmosphere of a true Costa Rican dining experience.  Finally, when you are so full you could burst, our transport will take you back to your hotels for a much needed siesta.